Published: Wed 14 Dec 2011


ANZACs on the Western Front by Dr Peter Pedersen


The Western Front was the decisive theatre of the First World War. On the Western Front Australia and New Zealand soldiers made their greatest contribution to victory, but at a terrible cost and often in unspeakable conditions. ANZACs on the Western Front is the definitive guide to the battlefields.


“The Western Front has always stood in Gallipoli’s shadow,” said Dr Peter Pedersen, the book’s author. “My hope for the book is to encourage people to experience and explore this import part of ANZAC history.”


The inclusion of personal accounts, combined with Dr Pedersen’s expert knowledge, makes ANZACs on the Western Front a comprehensive guide. The book is suitable for those with a keen interest in Australia’s and New Zealand’s role on the Western Front, as well as for someone who is following the footsteps of a forebear for the first time.


ANZACs on the Western Front guides readers chronologically through the major battles in which Australians and New Zealanders fought on the Western Front in 1916-1918. The battlefields are introduced through highly informative descriptions and illustrated by fascinating images from the Memorial's archives as well as spectacular panoramic photos and detailed tour maps.


Dr Peter Pedersen is the Head of the Research Centre at the Australian War Memorial and one of Australia’s leading military historians. He has written eight books about the First World War and contributed to many others, and has led numerous tours to the Western Front.


ANZACs on the Western Fronthas been rapidly climbing the bestseller charts for military history titles. It is available in bookstores and from the Australian War Memorial.


Paperback, fully illustrated, maps, 600 pages.

Published by John Wiley & Sons Australia, Ltd.

AU $49.95 / NZ$55.00





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