Published: Fri 14 Sep 2012

The Australian War Memorial is committed to ensuring that the sacrifice of all Australian servicemen and women will never be forgotten.  To commemorate those who gave their lives, the Memorial has three honour rolls; the Remembrance Book, the Commemorative Roll and the Roll of Honour. The Memorial regards each as equally significant.


  • The Roll of Honour covers war and warlike service
  • The Commemorative Roll covers wars and warlike service for Australians who served with Allied units.
  • The Remembrance Book covers non-warlike and humanitarian peacetime service.

The Remembrance Book and Commemorative Roll are on display beside the Roll of Honour, all in the Memorial’s Commemorative Area. The names on these rolls can be viewed by anyone visiting the Memorial upon request.

The Council of the Australian War Memorial, which includes Chiefs of Navy, Army and Air Force, RSL Members, ex-senior Defence personal, and representatives of the community, has responsibility for the eligibility criteria for all the honour rolls and they are regularly discussed. 

With the creation of the Remembrance Book in 2007 the Memorial has broadened its scope of commemoration and has become more inclusive.  

Those Australians who died on peacekeeping operations and other types of non-warlike service have not been forgotten.


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