Larissa Baglieri

Iron lady

Image of artwork

wire sculpture
38 x 42 x 41 cm

Iron Lady represents the strength of women in the military. Women often feel that they have to be able to do their job twice as well as the men to be considered half as good. Showing emotions might be considered a female attribute & women often present a tough exterior in order to protect the more vulnerable parts of the self.

Iron Lady is a corset-shaped sculpture. It is made from salvaged wire, metal, plastic & objects on hand. Two ration pack eating devices were incorporated into the artwork from my time in the military. The materials were used to convey the traits of female soldiers as tough, strong, reliable, adaptable & dependable. Using found materials & objects already at hand is representative of women who are able to use their imagination to devise ways to meet situations. Female soldiers are capable, creative, resilient, quick-witted, inventive & resourceful. Women are able to effectively use their wits to solve a problem & are well organised & effective leaders.

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