The Memorial’s time-limited parking arrangements came into effect on 1 July 2014.

Parking in all Memorial car parks is limited to 4 hours between 7.30 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

As a result of the government announcement of the introduction of pay parking on national land, the Memorial considered a range of options for managing parking arrangements at the Memorial.  The introduction of pay parking at the Memorial was never considered acceptable by management or by the Council of the Australian War Memorial.

There is no plan or intention to introduce parking fees at the Memorial for anyone including visitors, staff or volunteers.

Concerns were raised that the Memorial’s free car parks could be filled by commuters thereby limiting the parking available for genuine visitors, volunteers and staff.  To address these concerns, Council considered a secure ticketing system however at a cost of $1 million it was prohibitively expensive and Council agreed to implement the low-cost solution of time-limited parking and rely on ‘moral persuasion’ to modify motorist behaviour.

A traffic consultant was engaged to provide advice on the implementation of time-limited car parks, including signage (text and positioning) and enforcement arrangements.

Staff, contractors and volunteers are issued with passes to validate their parking in any Memorial car park beyond the posted 4 hour limit.  Passes are numbered, in a format and quality that is not easily reproduced by the public and are managed by the Security sub-section.

Temporary passes can be issued to researchers so they are not disadvantaged by the time restrictions.  These will be issued for a pre-determined period and allocated by vehicle registration so the passes are not used inappropriately.  Day passes can also be issued to attendees of functions that extend beyond the four hour limit.  These can be can be arranged through the Memorial's catering and function contractor.

Any general enquiries about the parking arrangements should be referred to the service charter or by contacting the Memorial.