EPBC Final Preliminary Documentation

Following an initial referral under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act) in November 2019, the Memorial’s development project was declared a ‘controlled action’ requiring an assessment decision under the EPBC Act.

A second public consultation phase occurred between 03-31 July 2020; focused on the environmental and heritage impacts of our plans. During this time 167 public submissions were received.  A ‘Response to Public Submissions’ report summarising and responding to these comments has been prepared and the Preliminary Documentation finalised.

The Memorial has taken into account both public comments and advice from the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment.  The final proposal put forth by the Memorial includes more than 50 changes based on public and government comment on the design as well as 35 commitments for the future of the project.

These commitments ensure that the Memorial will continue to manage heritage matters carefully and continues to offer meaningful public engagement throughout future project works – including exhibition content.

With the ‘Final Preliminary Documentation’ now under consideration by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment we are unable to comment on the documentation or media or other commentary relating to it in order not to prejudice this process.

Physical copies of the final preliminary documentation were made available at various locations around Canberra between 7 - 21 October.  A copy of these documents remain online for public review below.

People whom English is second language, who are vision impaired, or who otherwise require assistance to access the documents, please contact the project team on (02) 6243 4211.

Email: development@awm.gov.au

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