Reports and Documentation

A copy of documents pertaining to our project planning, approval process and public consultations can be viewed and downloaded in the below links.

For people for whom English is a second language, who are vision impaired, or who otherwise require assistance to access the documents, please contact the project team on (02) 6243 4211, or email:

Project Planning and Referral Documentation

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act Referral

Download Final Preliminary Documentation Submission

Pre-Construction Conditions

Archival recording of Anzac Hall has been  undertaken. This includes the production of  a photographic PDF dilapidation report, and through the creation of a ‘360 degree virtual tour’ of Anzac Hall. These are accessible below.

Dilapidation Report

Virtual Tour

The Memorial has engaged Hector Abraham Architects to prepare a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) of the project. The HIA was approved by the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (DAWE) in December 2020 as part of the project approval process.

The HIA is regularly updated to reflect minor design changes made in consultation with the Department and National Capital Authority as part of the approvals process.

The current version of the HIA can be downloaded below.

Heritage Impact Statement Jun-21 [45 MB PDF]

Download Individual Attachments

Public Works Committee Referral

On Thursday, 30 April 2020 pursuant to subsection 18(4) of the Public Works Committee Act 1969, General the Honorable David Hurley AC DSC (Retd), Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, referred the Memorial’s development project to the Public Works Committee for consideration and report.

On Thursday, 25 February 2021, the Parliament Standing Committee on Public Works approved the Development Project.  In its considerations, the committee was required to report on:

  • The stated purpose of the proposed work and its suitability for that purpose;
  • The need for the work;
  • The cost-effectiveness of the proposal;
  • The amount of revenue it will produce if the work is revenue producing;
  • The current and prospective value of the work.

Further information regarding this process and review of public submissions can be accessed on the Parliamentary Public Works Committee website.

National Capital Authority Approval

For full details of the NCA public consultation process regarding the Memorial’s Early Works application and review of public submissions, visit the NCA website.

Outcomes for each of the Memorial’s ‘Works Approval’ applications to the National Capital Authority, are listed on the NCA website. Please note: only the last six months of granted approvals across the NCA are displayed.


Public Consultation

The Memorial has engaged in a comprehensive consultation program since the preparations of its initial Detailed Business Case in 2018. Details and outcomes of the following public consultation activities can be found in our Stakeholder Consultation Report which includes the below documents.

  • Detailed Business Case – Stakeholder engagement and consultation report: November 2018.
  • EPBC Act National Consultation Report: April 2020.
  • Indigenous Representation Consultation Summary: 2018–2019
  • Indigenous Representation Consultation Report: 2020
  • Stakeholder Engagement Plan

Following the 2018 Commonwealth Government announcement of project funding, early engagement begun with immediate neighbourhood and interest groups focused on Stage One (Early Works) and the impacts to this local community. The detailed consultation report can be viewed below.

Gallery Development

We continue to seek community feedback, insights and ideas as we progress gallery design and proposed content for the new exhibition spaces. For details and to participate, see our Public Consultations page.

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