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Peter Londey, "Observing in South Lebanon", Wartime 3 (1998): 12-17

Lieutenant Colonel Paul Symon had had a bad month. It was October 1997, and he seemed to have become the temporary epicentre of violence in southern Lebanon. In the previous few weeks, he had seen the innocent and the less-than-innocent die in rocket attacks, roadside bombs, and attacks on military positions. His mates were joking that Lebanon was quiet enough, as long as you weren't with Paul, and he himself admitted that he had just about seen enough.

Peter Londey, "UN Blue 5/7 RAR in Timor", Wartime 10 (2000): 14-21

Portrait of a peacekeeping battalion.

John Wells, "Bridge at Selali", Wartime 10 (2000): 22-25

East Timor 1 January 2000. As a new year dawns, threats of conflict give way to hopes for peace.

Bob Breen, "Training for Operation Bel Isi, Bougainville", Wartime 11 (2000): 55-58

Training for Operation Bel Isi and building cultural bridges.

Lloyd Brodrick, "Experiences of a monitor on Bougainville 1998", Wartime 11 (2000): 58-60

The second rotation of TMG civilian monitors arrived in Bougainville on 4 February 1998. The group included four from the Department of Defence, two each from the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and AusAID, and ten from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), including Lloyd Brodrick. In this article he gives a personal account of his experiences.

Poppy Wenham, "Experiences of a monitor on Bougainville 2000", Wartime 11 (2000): 61

Army reservist Poppy Wenham, a member of Memorial staff, is currently serving with the PMG on Bougainville.

Peter Londey, "Faces of Australian peacekeeping", Wartime 16 (2001): 33-35

An Australian War Memorial travelling exhibition, Keeping the peace: stories of Australian peacekeepers , recounts Australia's 40-odd peacekeeping operations.

Ian Wing, "Bridge of life and hope", Wartime 17 (2002): 54-55

Australian peacekeepers solve a local crisis in East Timor.

Peter Londey, "War without boundaries", Wartime 22 (2003): 6-9

As the world changes and becomes even more dangerous, Australians have been fighting in a new kind of war.

Peter Londey, "1993: Year of the Peacekeeper", Wartime 24 (2003): 6-9

Ten years ago, Australians were involved in peacekeeping operations across the globe.

Peter Londey, "'Tough and dangerous work'", Wartime 26 (2004): 24-27

The mine clearance divers of AUSCDT Three led the way in Iraq.

Peter Londey, "Observer at large", Wartime 27 (2004): 52-55

Keith Howard in UNTSO.

Garth Pratten, "Reflections on Rwanda", Wartime 27 (2004): 56-58

Veterans recall their service on the 10th anniversary of Australia’s mission to Rwanda.

Albert Palazzo, "Coming clean", Wartime 29 (2005): 34-37

Heading for home from Iraq involved more than simply packing a kitbag.

Katherine McMahon, "Witnesses to war", Wartime 30 (2005): 56-58

Official war artists and photographers in East Timor, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Solomon Islands.

Peter Londey, "Robert Nimmo", Wartime 32 (2005): 26-28

Australia's most successful peacekeeping observer ever.

Daniel Flitton, "Kashmir Inc.", Wartime 33 (2006): 52-55

Forty years ago, Brian Molloy’s idea to privatise Kashmir may have seemed a stunt.

Peter Londey, "Fifty years' watch", Wartime 35 (2006): 36-41

Australians in UNTSO.

John Connor, "Persuader for lasting peace", Wartime 37 (2007): 22-25

Lieutenant General John Sanderson did as much as anyone to bring peace to Cambodia.

Peter Londey, "Sixty years of keeping the peace", Wartime 39 (2007): 32-36

Every day for the past six decades Australian peacekeepers have served overseas.

John Connor, "Bravery under fire", Wartime 39 (2007): 37-39

Australian peackeepers caught in the crossfire in a massacre in Rwanda.


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