Private Frank John Partridge VC

Frank John Partridge. 131225A Frank John Partridge

Date of birth: 29 November 1924
Place of birth: Grafton, NSW
Date of death: 23 March 1964
Place of death: Bellingen, NSW

Frank Partridge was a militiaman from Macksville, New South Wales, and aged only 20 when he became the last Australian to receive the Victoria Cross in the Second World War. On the 24 July 1945, in the very final actions on Bougainville, on the Bonis Peninsula, he attacked Japanese bunkers, sometimes in hand-to-hand fighting, despite having been wounded. He was inspirational: "The subsequent successful capture of the position was due entirely to the incentive derived by his comrades from the outstanding heroism and fortitude displayed by Private Partridge."

Largely self-educated, Partridge later achieved fame as a radio and television quiz champion and was active in local politics until his tragic death in a car accident.

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