Sergeant Samuel George Pearse VC

Samuel George Pearse. H06653 Samuel George Pearse

Date of birth: 16 July 1897
Place of birth: Penarth, Glamorgan, Wales
Date of death: Near Emtsa, North Russia
Place of death: 29 August 1919

Sam Pearse came to Victoria from Wales when only young. He enlisted in the AIF before he had turned 18. After brief service on Gallipoli with the 7th Battalion, he went to the Western Front, where he saw a lot of action and was awarded the Military Medal.

Once the war ended, Pearse married in Britain, but soon afterwards went to North Russia with the British relief force. In his heroic exploit there, on 29 August 1919, he went through barbed-wire defences while under heavy machine-gun fire to attack a blockhouse. He single-handedly killed the occupants with bombs, but while fighting on he was killed. His widow and daughter later came to Australia.

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