Lieutenant Commander Henry Hugh Gordon Dacre 'Harry' Stoker, DSO

Date of birth  1885-02-02  Dublin, Ireland. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1900  Joined the RN at the age of 15 as a cadet. Trained aboard the HMS Britannia. 
Date promoted  1904  Promoted to acting sub-lieutenant, began study at the Royal Naval College at Greenwich and volunteered for submarine service. 
Other  1907  Promoted to lieutenant and given a submarine command, HM Submarine the A10. 
Other  1913  After recieving a posting to the RAN, Stoker was given command of the AE2. 
Other  1914-03-02  The AE2 and the AE1 set sail for Australia. 
Other  1914-05-24  The AE2 and the AE1 arrived in Sydney after completeing the longest submarine journey then undertaken. 
Other  1914-08  The AE2 and the AE1 were ordered to the Pacific to hunt for German raiders. Shortly afterwards the AE1 disappeared and the AE2 returned to Sydney. 
Other  1914-12  The AE2 embarked for the Middle East with the 2nd AIF convoy. The AE2 then continued on to the Mediterranean. 
Other  1915-02  The AE2 arrived in the Mediterranean. 
Other  1915-04-25  Stoker captained the first submarine to breach the Dardanelles. 
Other  1915-04-26  The AE2 entered the Sea of Marmara. 
Other  1915-04-30  The AE2 scuttled in the Sea of Mamora and all crew taken prisoner by the Turks. 
Other  1919-12  Promoted to commander. 
Date of discharge  1920  Retired from the Navy. 
Date of death  1966-02-02  London, England.