Second Lieutenant Frederic Manning

Date of birth  1882-07-22  Sydney, NSW. 
Other  1907  Went to live in England to complete his studies. 
Date returned to Australia  1909  Returned to his home in Sydney. 
Other  1913  Returned to England to live, study and write. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1915  Enlisted as a private in the King's Shropshire Light Infantry, having once been rejected by the Royal Flying Corps. 
Date promoted  1916  The same year Manning fought on the Somme he was promoted to lance corporal. 
Other  1916-11  Applied for a comission. 
Date commissioned  1917-05-30  Comissioned as a second lieutenant in the Royal Irish Regiment. 
Other  1917-07  Posted to Ireland. 
Date of discharge  1917-10  Manning was hospitalised in Cork, Ireland, suffering from nervous exhaustion. He was discharged on the grounds he was unfit for duty. 
Other  1918-10  Manning sought to be reappointed as an officer but was rejected. 
Other  1929  Published a book about his war experiences named The middle parts of fortune. He published the book under the pseudonym "Private 19022". 
Date returned to Australia  1932  Returned to Australia suffering form ill-health. 
Other  1934  Manning travelled to England. 
Date of death  1935-02-22  Hampstead, London.