Lieutenant General Thomas Joseph Daly, KBE, CB, DSO

Date of birth  1913-03-19  Ballarat, VIC. 
Date and unit at enlinstment (ORs)  1930-02-12  Inducted Corps of Staff Cadets, Royal Military College. 
Other  1933-12-11  Graduated from Royal Military College. 
Date commissioned  1933-12-12  Appointed lieutenant. 
Other units  1934-02-01  Appointed to 4th Light Horse Regiment. 
Other  1934-08-10  Appointed adjutant and quartermaster. 
Other  1938-09-22  Trained in India. 
Date and unit at appointment (Officers)  1939-10  Joined 2nd AIF. 
Other units  1939-10-13  Seconded captain and adjutant 2/10th Battalion. 
Other  1940-01-08 - 1940-01-27  Attended company commander course at Command and Staff School Sydney. 
Other  1940-06-18  Arrived in Scotland. 
Other units  1940-09-16  Seconded temporary major and brigade major 18th Brigade. 
Other  1940-12-31  Arrived in the Middle East from the United Kingdom. 
Other  1941-09-22 - 1941-10-11  Attended a course at the Middle East Combined Training Centre. 
Other units  1941-10-01  Appointed general service officer grade 2 Headquarters 6th Division. 
Date of honour or award  1941-12-30  Mention in Despatches. 
Other  1942-01-25 - 1942-05-30  Attended a course at the Middle East Staff School. 
Date promoted  1942-07-01  Appointed lieutenant colonel and general service officer grade 1, Headquarters 5th Division. 
Date returned to Australia  1942-07-13  Returned to Melbourne. 
Other  1943-02-03  Arrived in New Guinea. 
Date returned to Australia  1943-05-25  Returned to Townsville. 
Other  1943-06-02 - 1943-06-26  Attended a course at Royal Australian Air Force School of Army Co-operation. 
Other  1943-07-18  Arrived in New Guinea. 
Date returned to Australia  1943-12-05  Returned to Townsville. 
Other  1943-12-10  Appointed instructor of senior wing, Royal Military College and Staff School. 
Other  1944-05-26 - 1944-05-29  Special Duty, Land Headquarters. 
Date of honour or award  1944-05-31  Mention in Despatches. 
Other  1944-06-16 - 1944-06-19  Special Duty, Land Headquarters . 
Other units  1944-10-14 - 1945-12-11  Appointed commanding officer of 2/10th Battalion with rank of lieutenant colonel. 
Other  1945-05-31  Arrived in Morotai. 
Other  1945-07-01  Arrived in Balikapan. 
Date of honour or award  1945-07-18  Officer of the Order of the British Empire. 'For distinguished service and marked devotion to duty, during operations in New Guinea. As GSO.I 5 Aust Div, this officer has constantly carried out his duties with vigour and exceptional ability. By his energy and tact he has imbued his staff with a team spirit and has obtained the best from all who have worked with him. His sound judgement, attention to detail, and lively foresight have proved invaluable to his commander. He is an active, versatile and outstanding officer.'  
Date of honour or award  1945-10-06  Companion of the Distinguished Service Order. '1/3 July 45 : BALIKPAPAN (BORNEO) Lt-Col T.J. DALY commanded 2/10 Australian Infantry Battalion during the assault landing at BALIKPAPAN on 1 July 45, and during subsequent operations. This battalion was an assaulting battalion and had been given the vital role of capturing as quickly as possible a ridge which completely dominated the landing beaches and was the key to the capture of the main town and dock area. This feature was known to contain extensive and well prepared defences including a number of heavy coast AA guns. Prior to embarkation Lt-Col DALY had skilfully prepared from aerial photographs and other information an outline plan of attack which he initiated on landing. The attack succeeded after several hours of hard fighting during which Lt-Col DALY's vigorous and capable direction was most apparent. Subsequent exploitation by 2/10 Aust Inf Bn, including the capture of another ridge directly overlooking the town, was also vigorously and efficiently carried out. The successes of this battalion on the day of the landing were decisive and were due in no small measure to the courage, initiative and brilliant leadership of the Commanding Officer.' Recommended for award by Brigadier F O Chilton. 
Other units  1945-10-15  Attached to Headquarters 18th Brigade. 
Other  1945-12-11  Appointed assistant adjutant and quartermaster general, Headquarters 7th Division. 
Other  1946-01-23  Returned to Melbourne. 
Other  1946-02-16  Appointed general service officer grade 1 Training, General Staff Headquarters AMF, later appointed director of Military Training. 
Other  1946-08-24  Appointed instructor Camberly Staff College. 
Date promoted  1947-01-30  Appointed major, Australian Staff Corps. 
Other  1948-10-15  Attended a course at Joint Services Staff College, United Kingdom. 
Date promoted  1948-10-18  Appointed lieutenant colonel Australian Staff Corps. 
Other  1949-07-15  Appointed director of Military Arts, Royal Military College. 
Other  1951-07-01  Appointed director of Infantry. 
Other  1951-07-01  Appointed temporary colonel. 
Other  1952-02-04 - 1952-02-21  Attached to Australian Military Force component of the British Commonwelth Occupation Force, which included a visit to Korea. 
Other  1952-05-15  Appointed temporary colonel, Australian Staff Corps. 
Other  1952-06-20  Appointed temporary brigadier. 
Other units  1952-06-24  Appointed to command 28th Brigade. 
Other  1953-04-01  Transferred to Unattached List, Southern Command. 
Other  1953-04-24  Permenent General Staff, Branch Army Headquarters. 
Other  1953-05-19  Appointed honourary brigadier. 
Date of honour or award  1953-05-26  Gazetted Commander of the Order of the British Empire. 
Date of honour or award  1953-10-30  United States Legion of Merit - Officer. 
Other  1954-05-10  Appointed temporary brigadier. 
Other  1955-11-08  Attended a course at the Imperial Defence College, United Kingdom. 
Date promoted  1957-03-12  Appointed BMO and permenent general staff Branch Army Headquarters. 
Other  1957-08-18  Appointed general officer commanding Northern Command. 
Other  1957-08-21  Appointed temporary major general. 
Date promoted  1959-09-02  Appointed major general. 
Other  1961-01-16  Appointed Adjutant General, second Military Member of Military Board. 
Other  1963-11-01  Appointed general officer commanding Eastern Command. 
Date of honour or award  1965-06-12  Gazetted Companion of the Bath. Awarded for 'a most notable contribution to the efficiency and development of the Australian Army.' 
Other  1966-01-19  Chief of General Staff, 1st Military Member of Military Board. 
Date promoted  1966-05-19  Appointed lieutenant general. 
Date of honour or award  1967-06-10  Gazetted Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire. 
Date of discharge  1971-07-10  Tranferred to the Retired List. 
Date of death  2004-01-05  Sydney, NSW.