Vice Admiral John Collings Taswell Glossop, CB

Date of birth  1871-10-23  Twickenham, England. 
Other  1888  Visited Australia for the first time as a midshipman on HMS Orlando, flagship of the Australia squadron. 
Date promoted  1893-06-30  Appointed lieutenant. 
Other units  1896  Returned to Australia as the navigation officer on HMS Royalist. 
Other units  1902-08-17  Appointed commanding officer HMS Lizard. 
Date promoted  1904-06-30  Appointed commander. 
Other units  1905-07-11  HMS Pembroke. 
Other units  1908-01-03  Appointed commanding officer HMS Prometheus. 
Other units  1910-09-01  HMS Hood. 
Date promoted  1911-06-22  Appointed captain. 
Other  1913-03-10  On loan to RAN from the Royal Navy. 
Other  1913-03-10 - 1917-02-09  Appointed commanding officer of HMAS Sydney. 
Other units  1913-06-27  Appointed captain of HMAS Sydney. 
Other units  1917-05-15  Appointed captain in charge of Naval establishments, Sydney. 
Date promoted  1919-03-01  Appointed commodore 2nd class. 
Other  1919-06  Presided over the court martial of mutineers from HMAS Australia. 
Other  1920-10-05  Returned to the Royal Navy. 
Other units  1921-06-01  HMS Colleen - command of the coastguard personnel and coastguard captain of Queenstown area. 
Date promoted  1921-11-21  Appointed rear admiral. 
Date of discharge  1921-11-22  Transferred to the Retired list. 
Date of death  1934-12-23  Died in England.