Major Oliver 'Trooper Bluegum' Hogue

Date of birth  1880-04-29  Sydney, NSW. 
Other  1907  Employed with the Sydney Morning Herald. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1914-09-16  Enlisted with in the Army. 
Other  1914-09-16  Posted to the 6th Light Horse Regiment, 2nd Light Horse Brigade. 
Date commissioned  1914-11  Promoted to 2nd lieutenant. 
Date of embarkation  1914-12-21  Embarked for Eygpt from Sydney. 
Other  1915-05  The 2nd Light Horse Brigade landed at Gallipoli and was attached to the 1st Australian Division. 
Date promoted  1915-05  Promoted to lieutenant. 
Other  1915-10  Evacuated from Gallipoli to England with enteric fever. 
Other  1916  Hogue returned to the 6th Light Horse Regiment, now stationed in Sinai, Egypt. 
Other units  1916-11-01  Transferred to the 4th Camel Regiment, Imperial Camel Corps. 
Other units  1917-02-03  The 4th Camel Regiment was broken up to form the 17th and 18th Company, 4th Anzac Battalion, Camel Corps. Hogue became a lieutenant in the 18th Company, 4th Anzac Battalion, Camel Corps. 
Date promoted  1917-07  Appointed captain and took command of the 3rd Company, 1st ANZAC Battalion, Camel Corps. 
Other units  1918-07-25  On the disbandment of the Camel Corps Hogue was promoted to temporary major and officer commanding A squadron, 14th Light Horse Brigade. 
Date of death  1919-03-03  Died of influenza whilst on leave in London and was buried at Brookwood Cemetery in Surrey.