Lieutenant Henry Harboard (Harry) 'The Breaker' Morant

Date of birth  1864-12-09  Somerset, England. 
Other  1883-04  Morant migrated to Queensland. He became well known in Australia as a balladist for the Bulletin. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1899  2nd Contingent South Australian Mounted Rifles. 
Other  1900  Enlistment ended, and despite being offered a comission Morant left for England. 
Other units  1901-03  Returned to South Africa, and was comissioned into a British irregular unit the Bush Veldt Carbineers. 
Date of arrest  1901-10  Whilst serving with the Bush Veldt Carbineers, Lieutenant Morant, along with Lieutenant P J Handcock and Lieutenant G R Witton were arrested and charged with shooting Boer prisoners and a German missionary. All three were found guilty of the murders of the Boers but were acquitted of the murder of the German missionary. They were setenced to death by firing squad. Morant admitted shooting the Boers and justified his action by the stress of guerilla warfare and by orders, alleged to have come from General Kitchener, that no prisoners were to be taken. 
Date of death  1902-02-27  Executed by a military firing squad. All three men were found guilty and sentenced to death by firing squad. Kitchener confirmed the death penalty for Morant and Handcock but commuted Witton's penalty to life imprisonment. At the execution, Morant refused the offer of a blindfold when he and Handcock went before a firing squad of the Cameron Highlanders. Calling to the Highlanders to "Shoot straight. Don't make a mess of it".