Neil Brian Davis

Date of birth  1934-02-14  Tasmania. 
Other  1948  Left school to work in the Tasmanian Government Film Unit. 
Other  1961  Joined the ABC as a cine-cameraman. 
Other  1963-12  Left ABC to take a job as Visnews's cameraman and correspondent for Southeast Asia, based in Singapore. 
Other  1964  Davis went to Borneo to cover the confrontation between Indonesia and Malaya. 
Other  1968-09  Visnews sent Davis to London. He returned to Vietnam at the first opportunity to film the war. 
Other  1970 - 1975  Davis spent time covering the events in Cambodia. 
Other  1971  Moved to Phomn Penh. 
Other  1973-06  Davis left Visnews and became a freelancer. 
Other  1975  Filmed the taking of Saigon's Presidential Palace, the symbol of American defeat. 
Date of death  1985-09-09  Killed by shrapnel while filming a coup in Bangkok.