Group Officer Clare Grant Stevenson, AO, MBE

Date of birth  1903-07-18  Wangaratta, VIC. 
Other  1925  Graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Diploma of Education. 
Other  1926 - 1928  Organiser of night classes and clubs for day workers YWCA (Sydney). 
Other  1929 - 1931  General Secretary of the YWCA, Rockhampton. 
Other  1932  Appointed as a training and research officer at Berlei. 
Other  1935 - 1939  Stevenson represented Berlei as a senior executive in London. 
Date and unit at appointment (Officers)  1941-06  Stevenson was selected as Director of the newly formed Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force (WAAAF) and enlisted with the rank of Squadron Officer. 
Date promoted  1941-09  Promoted to wing officer. 
Date promoted  1942-09  Promoted to group officer. 
Other  1946 - 1986  Appointed as one of the nine Trustees of the Services Canteens Trust Fund based in Melbourne. 
Other  1946-03-22  Retired from WAAAF and returned to her former employer, Berlei. 
Other  1960  Retired from Berlei. 
Date of honour or award  1960-06-11  Member of the Order of the British Empire. 
Other  1975 - 1987  Established the Kings Cross Community Aid and Information Service and was President of the Service for some years and a member of the Management Committee. 
Date of honour or award  1988-01-26  Member of the Order of Australia. 
Date of death  1988-10-22