Nancy Grace Augusta 'The White Mouse' Wake, GM, AC

Date of birth  1912-08-30  Wellington, New Zealand. Nancy spent most of her childhood in Australia. 
Other  1928  Found work as a Nurse. 
Other  1932  Travelled to Europe and settled in Paris, working as a journalist. 
Other  1939-11  Wake married a French businessman, Henri Fiocca. 
Other  1940 - 1942  Wake and Fiocca joined the French Resistance movement. Wake worked manning the dangerous escape routes through France helping to save the lives of many Allied troops and Jewish refugees. She was given her code name 'The White Mouse' by the Gestapo. 
Other  1943  Wake became one of the Gestapo's most wanted resistance leaders and Wake was forced to flee France. 
Other  1943-06  Wake arrived in England where after convincing the British Government to train her as a professional spy and she began work in the French Section of the Special Operations Executive. 
Other  1943-08  Henri Fiocca was killed by the Gestapo, a fact Nancy did not discover until the liberation of france from the German invasion. 
Other  1944-04  Wake and another member of the Special Operations Executive were parachuted into the Auvergne region in central France where they worked to distribute weapons among the resistance fighters in hiding in the mountains before D-Day. 
Other  1944-09  Wake left the resistance and went to Special Operations Executive Headquarters in Paris. 
Other  1944-10  Went to Special Operations Executive Headquarters in London. 
Date of honour or award  1945-07-17  Awarded George Medal (GM). 
Date returned to Australia  1949  Wake later returned to England where she married John Forward a RAF officer. 
Date returned to Australia  1957  Settled in Port MacQuarie with her husband. 
Other  2001-12-06  Returned to England where she plans to remain until her death. 
Date of honour or award  2004-02-22  Companion of the Order of Australia (AC).