Reginald William Winchester (Chester) Wilmot

Date of birth  1911-06-21  Brighton, VIC. 
Other  1922 - 1930  Attended Melbourne Church of England Grammar School. 
Date graduated  1935  Awarded a Bachelor of Arts (History Honours). 
Date graduated  1936  Awarded a Bachelor of Laws. 
Other  1939  Became a member of the Council of Melbourne University. 
Other  1940 - 1942  War correspondent for the ABC with AIF in the Middle East. 
Date returned to Australia  1942   
Other  1942-07  Was appointed War Correspondent with the ABC Field Unit with the AIF New Guinea. 
Other  1942-11  Lost accreditation as war correspondent after becoming involved in a dispute between General Sir Thomas Albert Blamey, Commander in Chief, Allied Land Forces, South West Pacific Area and Lieutenant General Sir Sidney Fairburn Rowell, General Officer Commanding, New Guinea Force. 
Date returned to Australia  1943   
Other  1944  Published his book Tobruk, 1941: capture, siege, relief. 
Other  1944 - 1945  Moved to London and began work for the BBC as a front line correspondent for North West Europe. 
Other  1945 - 1946  BBC special correspondent at the Nuremburg war crimes trials. 
Other  1946 - 1954  Freelance broadcaster and journalist. 
Other  1952  Appointed military correspondent for The Observer. 
Other  1952  Published his book The Struggle For Europe. 
Date returned to Australia  1953  Returned to Australia to participate in the BBC's 1953 Round the World Christmas Day broadcast. 
Date of death  1954-01-10  Killed in the crash of a Comet airliner into the Mediterranean when he was flying back to England.