Captain Joseph Burnett

Date of birth  1899-12-26  Singleton, NSW. 
Other  1912-12-31  Entered the Royal Australian Naval College. 
Other  1917-01-01  Became a midshipman. His first appointment was to the battle cruiser HMAS Australia, serving with the Grand Fleet in the North Sea. 
Date promoted  1918-10  Promoted to sub lieutenant. 
Other  1920 - 1922  Served in the battleship HMS Royal Oak. After this Burnett specialised in gunnery, undertaking training in the HMS Excellent, the Royal Navy's gunnery training establishment. 
Date promoted  1920-01  Promoted to lieutenant. 
Other  1924  Appointed gunner officer on HMAS Adelaide. 
Date promoted  1928-01-01  Promoted to lieutenant commander. Burnett then saw service in the HMAS Canberra. 
Other  1932  Bridges attended Staff College at Greenwich. 
Date promoted  1932-12  Promoted to commander. 
Other  1933 - 1935  Service at Navy Office as Assistant Chief of Naval Staff and Director of Naval Intelligence. 
Other  1936  Served in the HMAS Canberra. 
Other  1937  Served in the battleships HMS Royal Oak and HMS Resolution. 
Date promoted  1938-12-31  Promoted to captain. Returned to Australia and again served as Assistant Chief of Naval Staff. 
Other  1939  Completed the Imperial Defence College course. 
Other  1940-10  Sent to Singapore as a senior Royal Australian Navy Representative at an Allied conference considering the defence of the Asia/Pacific region. 
Other  1941-05-14  Appointed to command HMAS Sydney. 
Date of death  1941-11-19  Killed in action. The HMAS Sydney and its entire crew were lost in action off the Western Australian Coast. The HMAS Sydney was engaged with the German auxiliary cruiser Kormoran. The Kormoran was also sunk in the action. The loss of HMAS Sydney and all her crew is the greatest Naval disaster in Australia's history.