Colonel Sybil Howy Irving, MBE

Date of birth  1897-02-25  Melbourne, VIC. 
Other  1924  Became secretary of the Girl Guides association of Victoria. 
Other  1935  Became foundation member of the Victorian Society for Crippled Children (and Adults). She continued to work for the society until her death. 
Date of honour or award  1939-01-02  Member of the Order of the British Empire, for social welfare services in Victoria. 
Other  1940  Left the Girl Guides Association to take up the post of assistant secretary of the Victorian Red Cross Society. 
Date and unit at appointment (Officers)  1941-10  Resigned from Red Cross to establish and adminster the Australian Women's Army Service. 
Date promoted  1942-01  Promoted to lieutenant colonel. 
Date promoted  1943-02  Promoted to colonel. 
Other  1946-12-31  Resigned from the command of the Australian Women's Army Service. 
Other  1947  Became general secretary of the Victorian Division of the Red Cross. 
Other  1951  Was given the rank of honorary colonel in the Women's Royal Australian Army Corps, successor to the Australian Women's Army Corps. 
Other  1959  Resigned from the Red Cross and became an honorary life member of the society. 
Other  1961  Consultant to Elderly Citizens Clubs, with the Old Peoples Welfare Council in Victoria, later called Victorian Council on the Ageing. 
Other  1961  Irving resigned from the army. 
Other  1971  Retired from Victorian Council on the Ageing. 
Date of death  1973-03-28  South Yarra, VIC.