Lieutenant Evelyn Ernest Owen

Date of birth  1915-05-15  Wollongong, NSW. 
Other  1931  Began work on what was to be become the Owen sub-machine gun. 
Other  1938  Perfected his design of the Owen sub-machine gun. The gun proved to be superior to the favoured Thompson gun as its fire was rarely jammed or interupted. 
Other  1940  Worked at Lysaghts Works, where the Owen gun was developed. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1940-05-25  Enlisted in the 2/17th Infantry Battalion of the AIF. The Manager of the Port Kembla Plant of Lysaghts Newcastle Works came across Owen's developments and helped have Owen transferred to the Army Central Inventions Board to work on the gun. 
Date of discharge  1941-06-25  Discharged from the AIF as he was required for employment in a reserved occupation. Owen then began working at Lysaghts who were to manufacture his gun. 
Other  1941-09-19  The Owen Gun was ready for testing against similar weapons 
Other  1942  Went into production of Owen sub-machine guns for use in the Second World War. The Owen Gun proved to be ideal for jungle fighting in New Guinea, but proved to be less useful in the longer range fighting of the Korean War. 
Date of death  1949-04-01  Wollongong, NSW.