Ordinary Seaman Edward (Teddy) Sheean

Date of birth  1923-12-28  Barrington, TAS. 
Date and unit at enlistment (ORs)  1941-04-21  Enlisted in the Royal Australian Naval Reserve and began his initial training in Tasmania. 
Other  1942-02  Sent to the Flinders Naval Depot at Westernport in Victoria to continue his training. 
Other  1942-05  Posted to Sydney and later began his service as an Oerlikon anti-aircraft gunner on the newly commissioned corvette, HMAS Armidale. 
Other  1942-10  HMAS Armidale was ordered to Darwin. 
Other  1942-11-29  The HMAS Armidale began her last operation, to undertake a resupply and evacuation mission to Japanese occupied Timor. 
Date of death  1942-12-01  Killed during the attack by Japanese aircraft which sank the Bathurst Class corvette HMAS Armidale in the Arafura Sea. As the crew were abandoning ship the Japanese aircraft began machine gunning survivors in the water. When he saw this, Sheean, though himself wounded, manned the aft 20 mm Oerlikon gun and began shooting at the attacking aircraft, shooting one down and damaging two others. Sheean remained at the gun and continued to engage the enemy aircraft as the ship sank. 
Date of honour or award  1943-06-29  Posthumous Mention in Despatches for his involvement in defence of the HMAS Armidale and its crew from enemy attack.