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    Arthur Fadden, 1941

    Defence Portfolios

    • Minister for Air, August–October 1940

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    Official Records
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    • [Official History, 1939–45 War: Records of Paul Hasluck:] Miscellaneous research notes: Volume I [includes: war effort; appreciation of Middle East situation, May 1941; Far Eastern Situation; Menzies; transport; Abbco Case; Commonwealth Child Endowment; Arthur Fadden; censorship; military service for aliens; women's part; munitions; inter-allied supply]
      AWM68, 3DRL 8052/279

    • [Official history, 1939–45 War: Records of Paul Hasluck:] Volume II, Chapter 7: Research notes [includes: Menzies' proposal to visit London; criticism of Menzies' speech in London; notes and press cuttings on the "Fadden/Curtin scare" detailing the seriousness of Australia's position; various political appreciations; Chiefs of Staff recommendations for defence of Singapore; propositions of naval dispositions; report on US bases in the SWPA; also a note on Menzies' 1944 visit to London]
      AWM68, 3DRL 8052/99

    • [Department of Information – Broadcasting Division:] Talks by The Hon A W Fadden (May 1941) [transcripts]
      AWM80, 1/156

    • Statements by Menzies and Fadden on defence preparedness and national service, 1950
      AWM124, 5/96

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    Location: Australian War Memorial
    Reference numbers: AWM68, AWM80, AWM124

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