• Malcolm Fraser Malcolm Fraser

    Malcolm Fraser, 1975–83


    Defence Portfolios

    • Minster for the Army, January 66–February 68
    • Minister for Defence, November 69–March 71

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    Official Records
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    • Brief for minister on re-introduction of military training, Jul 1966, Press statements by Minister for the Army, Hon Malcolm Fraser, 1966, 'Command Comment' publication prepared by US Army Command Information Unit – no. 32, 19 Oct 1966, no. 35, 27 Jan 1967, no. 36, 24 Feb 1967, no. 37, 29 Mar 1967, no. 39, 31 May 1967, no. 40, 30 Jun 1967, Notes and photocopies of newspaper on Australian Army, 1966
      AWM101, 11

    • CSG papers – civic action controversy General Daley/Fraser/Peacock/Gorton Affair, Feb–Mar 1971
      AWM101, 21A

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    Location: Australian War Memorial
    Reference numbers: AWM101

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