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Official Records
Official records are listed in the National Archives of Australia's RecordSearch database which contains descriptions of records at both the National Archives and the Australian War Memorial.

  • [Official History, 1914–18 War: Records of Charles E W Bean, Official Historian:] Diary, Nov–Dec 1916; refers to a visit to Mouquet Farm, Sir George Reid, Sir Robert Anderson, Brig Gen T Griffiths, the 1st Battalion and Sir John Monash's account of the 3rd Division's training. [Photocopied duplicate – 2nd set]
    AWM38 3DRL 606/67/2

  • [Official History, 1914–18 War: Records of Charles E W Bean, Official Historian:] Correspondence, 1915; consists of Bean's correspondence with Sir George Reid, Sir Muirhead Collins and others regarding his desire to accompany the Mediterranean Expeditionary Force to Gallipoli
    AWM38, 3DRL 6673/278

  • [Australian Comforts Fund:] Letters from Sir George Reid, High Commission, London, concerning the hospitality provided by Australian War Contingent Association
    AWM27, 571/7

Keywords: Reid, G Reid, George Reid
Location: Australian War Memorial
Reference numbers: AWM38, AWM27

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