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Australian involvement in the South African (Boer) War 1899-1902

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Researching Australian military service: South African (Boer) War
Boer War 1899-1902
Harry 'Breaker' Morant

Ronald J. Austin, The Australian illustrated encyclopedia of the Zulu and Boer Wars (McCrae, Vic: Slouch Hat Publications, 1999). [Contains entries on battles and major political and military figures, includes maps, roll of honour and Victoria Crosses awarded.]

Joan Beaumont, Australian defence: sources and statistics. Australian centenary history of defence vol. 6 (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 2001). [Contains tables and statistics in relation to themes and issues in Australian defence history, details research resources and archives.]

Peter Burness and Peter Stanley, A guide to the battlefields and memorials of the Boer War (Canberra : Australian war Memorial, 1999). [An illustrated booklet with maps which provides statistics, an outline of events and lists cemeteries and memorials of Australian relevance.]

Max Chamberlain, The Australians in the South African War 1899-1902: a map history (Canberra: Army History Unit, Dept of Defence, 1999). [An overview of events including detailed maps, units and formations, awards, casualties and statistics.]

Max Chamberlain and Robin Droogleever, The war with Johnny Boer Australians in the Boer War. Loftus, NSW: Australian Military History Publications, 2003). [The experience of soldiers compiled from letters in newspapers of the day and private diaries. Once section deals chronologically with campaigns another arranges extracts by topic such as nursing, on patrol, larrikinism and the weather.]

John Coates, An atlas of Australia 's wars. Australian centenary history of defence vol. 7 (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 2001). [General and situation maps and maps of individual actions with explanatory text.]

Peter Dennis, et al. The Oxford companion to Australian military history (Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1995). [A concise overview of the war. See also entries on significant individuals.]

Kit Denton, For Queen and Commonwealth (Sydney: Time-Life Books, 1987). [Suitable for the general reader and school assignments, containing many illustrations, a chronology of major events for Australian troops and features on famous individuals such as Neville Howse and Breaker Morant.]

Martin Marix Evans, Encyclopedia of the Boer War: 1899-1902 (Oxford , England: ABC-Clio, 2000). [Not specifically Australian but covers battles, weaponry, railways, strategy, concentration camps as well as chronology, maps, bibliography, lists of British units involved and reprints of some original documents.]

L. M. Field, The forgotten war: Australian involvement in the South African conflict of 1899-1902 (Melbourne: Melbourne University Press, 1979). [Gives analysis of colonial politics and public opinion as well as the experience of the contingents.]

 Jeffrey Grey, A military history of Australia (Melbourne: Cambridge University Press, 1990). [A short introduction with annotated bibliography.]

P. L. Murray, Official records of Australian contingents to the war in South Africa 1899-1902 (Melbourne: Department of Defence, 1911). [Arranged by state. within which the official contingents are listed in chronological order of departure with an outline of the history of each contingent. Included is an incomplete list of soldiers in the contingent.]

Alexander M. Palmer, The Boer War casualty roll 1899-1902 (Perth: A.M. Palmer, 1999). [An alphabetical list of men from British and colonial contingents who died, were wounded or taken prisoner, compiled from two published casualty lists with biographical information from the Last Post. Includes surname, initials, rank, type of casualty, place, date and unit with biographical and service information where available.]

Robert L. Wallace, The Australians at the Boer War (Canberra: Australian War Memorial and Australian Government Printing Service, 1976). [Useful campaign detail.]

Craig Wilcox, Australia 's Boer War: the war in South Africa, 1899-1902 (Melbourne : Oxford University Press, 2002). [An account of the campaigns and the political and social significance of the war for Australia with chapters on irregular units; Breaker Morant; Arthur Lynch; medical services.]

Craig Wilcox, The Boer War: Australians and the war in South Africa, 1899-1902, Research guide 9 (Canberra: National Archives of Australia, 1999). Guide to colonial and Commonwealth official records held by the National Archives and the Australian War Memorial. Records such as nominal rolls, pay sheets, reports and thousands of - files which document the process of recruiting, training and shipping contingents are listed.]