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Cowra Outbreak

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Cowra breakout
National Archives of Australia fact sheet Cowra outbreak, 1944

Teruhiko Asada, Cowra (North Ryde, NSW: Angus & Robertson, 1985). [First-person account of ‘The night of a thousand suicides’, translated from Japanese by Ray Cowan, previously published in 1967]

Charlotte Carr-Gregg, Japanese prisoners of war in revolt: The outbreaks at Featherston and Cowra during World War 2 (St Lucia, Qld: University of Queensland Press, 1978). [Focuses on the revolts at Cowra and Featherstone to illuminate the differences between Japanese culture and values with that of Australia and New Zealand]

Hugh Clarke, Escape to death (Sydney: Random House Australia, 1994). [Revised and updated edition of Break-out (1965) by the same author, includes additional chapter ‘Cowra fifty years on’]

Hugh Clarke, Fire one! (Sydney: Angus & Robertson, 1978). [An account of the greatest mass escape of prisoners-of-war in Australian and British military history]

Harry Gordon, Die like the carp! The story of the greatest prison escape ever (Stanmore, NSW: Cassell Australia, 1978). [Detailed investigation of the Cowra outbreak]

James Henderson, The official secrets myth : death of a good soldier (Bassendean, WA: Access Press, 2002). [Unnecessary official secrecy exposed when Corporal Don Angwin sought to claim a promised award for courageous conduct during the Cowra breakout]

Masaru Moriki, Cowra uprising : one survivor's memoir (Wodonga, Vic: G.D. & M. Treeve, 1998). [For Japanese POW’s, it was never a breakout. The only thing they had on their minds that August night was honourable death. Translated from Japanese by Midoori Treeve.]

Takashi Nagase, The double-edged dagger : the Cowra incident of 1944 (S.l.: [The Author, 1993]) [Discloses the background, history and psychology that lay behind the Cowra incident. Appendix III: Full report and summary of the Military Court of Inquiry, August 5-15th 1944.Translated from Japanese by Watase Masaru.]

Cyril Treasure, Cowra War Cemetery and the Japanese connection (Cowra : s.n., 2003) [Events which lead to the establishment of the Japanese Gardens and Cultural Centre and the relationship between Cowra and Japan]