Copying services

It is possible to purchase copies of items from the Research Centre collection, depending on:

  • the physical condition of the item
  • any donor restrictions, in the case of Private Records
  • the Copyright Act, and
  • the Archives Act

Copying archival documents

Copies of archival material are available as a photocopy or a digital copy on CD. The cost of copying is 50 cents per page plus postage. You are welcome to visit the Research Centre to select the pages you would like copied from a file.

If you are unable to visit the Research Centre to select what would like copied from a file, we can prepare a copy cost estimate for the entire file. We do not have the resources available to examine the file to determine which pages are relevant to your research. When your request is received our copying staff will prepare a cost estimate and contact you with the details.

Copying books and journals

A copier is available in the Research Centre reading room for visitors to make copies from books and journals. If you are unable to visit to make copies from these published sources, you can request them via inter-library loan from your local library.

Copying oversize documents

We are able to provide black and white photocopies of single page documents larger than A3 for $5 a copy. If you require a digital copy of the item, please contact the eSales Unit for details.

More information

For more information see Copying services

If you have any questions about our copying services, please contact the Research Centre.