These records have been generated as part of the Memorial's administrative activities.

AWM93 Australian War Memorial registry files, first series 1919 - 1993 [related control series: AWM97]

AWM108 Roll of Honour circulars, 1939-45 War

AWM131 Roll of Honour circulars, 1914-18 War

AWM141 Roll of Honour cards, Sudan, 1885

AWM142 Roll of Honour cards, War in South Africa, 1899-1902

AWM143 Roll of Honour cards, China, 1900-1901

AWM144 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-18 War, Royal Australian Navy

AWM145 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-18 War, Army

AWM146 Roll of Honour cards, 1939-45 War, Royal Australian Navy

AWM147 Roll of Honour cards, 1939-45 War, Second AIF (Australian Imperial Force) and CMF (Commonwealth Military Forces)

AWM148 Roll of Honour cards, 1939-45 War, Air Force

AWM149 Roll of Honour cards, Korea

AWM150 Roll of Honour cards, Malayan Emergency

AWM151 Roll of Honour cards, Malay Peninsula

AWM152 Roll of Honour cards, Sabah/Sarawak

AWM153 Roll of Honour cards, Vietnam

AWM154 First donated records list (1DRL)

AWM155 Second donated records list (2DRL)

AWM156 Third donated records list (3DRL)

AWM157 Private records accession register

AWM158 Private records donor/subject index cards

AWM159 Private records subject index

AWM160 Donor manuscript (MSS) cards

AWM161 Donated records subject index

AWM162 Official records register of series

AWM163 Roll of Honour cards, 1914-18 War, ineligible repatriation beneficiaries

AWM164 Roll of Honour circulars, 1914-18 War, supplementary series

AWM170 Australian War Memorial Council and related committee records

AWM194 Trophy files, 1914-18 War [related control series: AWM134]

AWM225 Records presented to the Australian War Memorial by heads of state and other official visitors

AWM237 Roll of Honour cards, supplementary sources

AWM245 Australian War Memorial military heraldry and technology accession register

AWM248 Australian War Memorial visitors Books

AWM252 Records arranged according to AWM Library subject classification, 1914-18 War, alpha-numeric series

AWM262 AWM war trophy history sheets

AWM265 AWM Museum Sydney Exhibition registry files

AWM272 Card index supporting the AWM Commemorative Roll

AWM274 Roll of Honour cards, Peacekeeping operations

AWM315 Australian War Memorial correspondence files, second series (1940 - )

AWM324 Australian War Museum file title register, 1919

AWM325 Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - Remembrance Day 1993 - Funeral Ceremony Visitor's Books

AWM337 Australian War Memorial Library - Control records (index cards) for File of Research books

AWM338 Australian War Memorial Library - File of Research books (2nd series)

AWM339 Australian War Memorial Sheet music register 1980 -

AWM340 Australian War Memorial - War Records Section - Library Accession Register – Series I

AWM343 Records of Dr Michael McKernan – ‘Here Is Their Spirit’ a history of the Australian War Memorial, 1917-1990

AWM344 Non-collection material relating to exhibitions and galleries of the  Australian War Museum and Australian War Memorial

AWM371 Australian War Memorial registry files – Third series

AWM374 Korean War Unit Diaries - British Infantry Brigades and Commonwealth Division Headquarters

AWM375 Australian War Memorial Research Centre – Manuals