Section includes records relating to the Australian military and naval forces during the Korean War. Records less than 30 years old are generally unavailable under the Archives Act 1983.

1) Unit and Operational Records

AWM85 Australian Army unit war diaries, Korea

AWM86 Army signals

AWM87 Records of 13 National Service Training Battalion

AWM113 Records of the Military History Section (Army)

AWM114 Written records, Japan (BCOF) and Korea [related control series: AWM233]

AWM370 Records of 1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, 1946-2001

AWM373 Korean War Unit Diaries - British Infantry Brigades and Commonwealth Division Headquarters

2) Administrative Records

AWM90 Australian Service Canteens Organisation records

AWM113 Records of the Military History Section (Army)

AWM264 Chiefs of Staff monthly reports (1951-1956)

3) Biographical Records

AWM88 Governor General's Office, honours and awards files [related control series: AWM192]

AWM149 Roll of Honour cards, Korea

  • Series available in microform

AWM237 Roll of Honour cards, supplementary sources

4) Official Historian's Records

AWM89 Official History, Australia in the Korean War: Records of Robert O'Neill, Official Historian

5) Naval Records

AWM78 Reports of Proceedings, HMA Ships and Establishments

AWM124 Naval historical collection

  • Series of original records and other material acquired by the Navy Historical Records Section and its successors. Covers a broad range of subjects.

AWM234 Small Marine Craft Committee records ("Lingwood-Smith papers")

6) RAAF Records

AWM342 Records of Aircraft Research and Development Unit (ARDU) – Royal Australian Air Force, 1944-1973

7) Private Records

PR82/119 General J G N Wilton, papers related to command of 28 British Commonwealth Infantry Brigade. 1926-1981

8) Intelligence Records

AWM347 Directorate of Military Intelligence - Collection of historical war records