Meleah Hampton

Meleah Hampton is an historian in the Military History Section, where she has worked since March 2013. She is a graduate of the University of Adelaide and is currently completing her PhD with a thesis on the 1916 battles for Pozières and Mouquet Farm. Her primary interest is in the operational conduct of the First World War on the Western Front. She is a member of the editorial staff of the Memorial’s magazine, Wartime, and continues to research and write biographies for the Last Post Ceremony project.

Selected publications:

Book chapter

“The cost of inexperience: Americans on the Western Front, 1918”, in Ashley Ekins (ed.), 1918: a year of victory: the end of the Great War and the shaping of history, Exisle Publishers, Auckland, 2010, pp. 99–108.

Wartime articles

“An unfortunate case: Trooper Harkus”, Wartime 65, Summer 2013–14.

“A face to a name: Lance Corporal Jack McCann, 43rd Battalion”, Wartime 64, Spring 2013.

“A very different war”, Wartime 44, Spring 2008.

“Diggers for a day”, Wartime 43, Winter 2008.

Conference and seminar papers

“Strategy, tactics and weaponry during the First World War”, Friends of the Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2014.

“Stalemate on the Western Front: how the allies won”, Australian War Memorial volunteer guides, Canberra, 2014.

“Stories from the wall: the Last Post Ceremony at the Australian War Memorial”, Narratives of war symposium, University of South Australia, 2013.

“Anatomy of a battle: Pozières 1916”, Western Front Association, Canberra, 2013.

“What the infantry did: individuals and initiative at Pozières & Mouquet Farm 1916”, Australian War Memorial staff seminar: 27 June 2013, Canberra, 2013.

“A fussing bantam: the less than helpful impact of Lieutenant General Sir Hubert Gough in 1916”, Postgraduate conference, University of Adelaide, 2011.

“Pozières: anatomy of a battle”, Modern European history master class, University of Adelaide, 2011.

“Diggers & doughboys: the Australian and American infantry on the Western Front, 1918”, ANZASA international conference, Adelaide, 2010.

“The cost of inexperience: Americans on the Western Front, 1918”, 1918: year of victory international conference, Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 2008.