The First World War Embarkation Rolls consist of nominal rolls of some 330,000 personnel of the Australian Imperial Force (AIF) and the Army component of the Australian Naval & Military Expeditionary Force (AN&MEF) as they embarked for overseas service during the First World War. The Embarkation Rolls include the Australian Flying Corps (AFC) and the Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train (RANBT). The rolls do not include those who enlisted but did not serve overseas, nor reinforcements that were formed overseas.


The embarkation rolls were created by indexing the Official Records series AWM8, Unit embarkation nominal rolls, 1914–18 War. You can search the embarkation rolls using name, service number, name of the ship embarked upon and/or place of embarkation. Attached to the embarkation roll entries are digitised images of the original embarkation rolls. For further information about details contained within the rolls, consult the detailed description.

Browse by unit

Browse the digitised images of AWM8, Unit embarkation nominal rolls, 1914–18 War.

The Embarkation Rolls are arranged primarily by original unit and any subsequent periodical reinforcements. Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers are usually ordered by rank and listed before other ranks which can be ordered either by service number or alphabetically by surname. In addition, there may also be a sub-unit breakdown into headquarters, companies or sections.

Errors & Omissions

The data included in these rolls is only as accurate as the source data recorded at the time the rolls were compiled. As a result, there are several errors of fact and omissions. Sometimes an alias may have been used, a surname incorrectly spelt or an age incorrectly recorded or given by the individual. Some names have been omitted entirely.

The authoritative source of information on individual service men and women is the personal service record. Copies of First World War service records can be obtained from the National Archives of Australia.


The Memorial’s Unit Embarkation Rolls are not complete. As far as is known, no complete set exists. Other incomplete sets are held by:

  • National Archives of Australia, NSW Regional Office, Sydney
  • John Oxley Library, Brisbane
  • Mortlock Library, Adelaide
  • Battye Library, Perth

Further information

Enquiries relating to information contained in the First World War Embarkation Rolls, including corrections, should be directed to the Research Centre.

For more information on researching servicemen and servicewomen who participated in the First World War, see the information sheet Researching Australian military service: First World War.