About the book

Cover of the book Quinn's Post, Anzac, Gallipoli.

Quinn’s Post, Anzac, Gallipoli has been written by the Memorial’s Principal Historian, Dr Peter Stanley.

The book, published by Allen & Unwin Australia in 2005, is available at the Memorial’s shop and all bookshops. All royalties from sales of the book go to the Memorial.

The book is based on detailed archival research in Australia, Britain and New Zealand, and on field work on Gallipoli. All the sources used are listed in a Bibliography in the book. However, the detailed references to sources of quotations are not included in the book, but are available here on the Memorial’s website.

Why have references on the website?

Because most readers will not be concerned to follow up or check the sources Peter Stanley used, he did not consider including lengthy footnotes necessary or feasible. However, providing references on the website enables the notes to be as long and detailed as they need to be without worrying about consuming paper.

The website also offers the opportunity to add corrections or to respond to readers' reactions, perhaps even to engage in some productive debate.


The references to each section of the book are presented in PDF format, and can be viewed using Acrobat Reader.


To contact Peter Stanley about Quinn’s Post please send a message to: quinns.post@awm.gov.au