Whicker's war

Alan Whicker

Throughout his forty years in TV Alan Whicker was steadfast in his belief that his programmes should not be about himself but about those people he encountered. Until this year when he was persuaded, as part of the 60th anniversary of the invasion of Italy, to tell his remarkable war experiences in two fabulously reviewed hour-long television pieces. Whicker's War uses these programmes as the starting point to tell the story of Alan Whicker′s remarkable war.

Joining the British Army Film and Photo Unit as an 18-year-old army officer, he followed the Allied advance through Italy, from Sicily to Venice. He filmed the troops on the front line, met Montgomery, and other military luminaries, filmed the battered body of Mussolini after his execution and accepted the surrender of the SS in Milan.

This is a remarkable account of the Italian campaign of 1943 and 1944 as he retraces his steps. Written with humour and pathos this is a masterful book by one of the 20th centuries greatest TV journalists.

Soft cover, 272 pages.