Blood on Borneo

Jack Wong Sue DCM JP AKR 13

At the age of 16, Jack Wong Sue received a white feather. He left his job and enlisted on a Norwegian tanker. Returning to Australia 2 years later, his application for the Royal Australian Navy was knocked back because his father was born in China. Undeterred, he joined the Royal Australian Air Force’s Air Sea Rescue, where he served on crash boats for 4 months. Because of his oriental appearance and fluency in Chinese and Malay, when asked to volunteer for service behind Japanese lines with Services Reconnaissance Department – later ‘Z’ Special Unit, Jack readily accepted.  Blood on Borneo  is not only about Jack and other brave men doing brave things, it is also full of human interest stories, including a number of those courageous local people, Malay and Chinese, who supported the ‘Z’ Specials at huge risk to themselves. Soft cover, photographs, 368 pages.