HMAS Rockhampton - Australian Corvette in World War Two

Gilbert Wahlquist

In October 1945, a force of 35 Australian soldiers and airmen and the crew of the Australian corvette HMAS Rockhampton to the surrender of 40,000 Japanese, installed a Sultan in his palace and captured 40 suspected war criminals for trial in the Halmaheras group of islands in Indonesia.

This is the story of that ship, from the building at Maryborough QLD, and her entry into the war on the east coast of Australia in 1942, moving to the Japanese occupied New Guinea coastline in 1944, completing her war service sweeping minefields on Australia’s south coast. This story includes the three commanding officers who kept the ship and her crew on the job and of the men who built the ship and kept her in sea going order.

Soft cover, photographs, 275 pages.