Cockatoo Island - Sydney's historic dockyard

John Jeremy

For over a century Cockatoo Dockyard employed thousands of workers to build warships, remodel passenger liners, perform general ship repairs and later to modernise submarines. When the dockyard commenced work in the 1850s it shared the island - the largest in Sydney Harbour - with the colony's dangerous convicts. These penal establishments remained on the island until the early years of the twentieth century. Famous naval ships such as HMAS Vampire were built at Cockatoo Dockyard. World War Two put great pressure on the dockyard with the building of destroyers, frigates, minesweepers, cargo ships, and the conversion of passenger liners into troop ships, including the elegant Queen Mary. The imposing RAN Oberon class submarines dominated the last twenty years of maritime industry on Cockatoo Island until the closure of the dockyard in 1991.

John Jeremy pays tribute to Sydney Harbour's largest and by far most fascinating island. This book focuses on the industrial history of Cockatoo Island and is the most detailed account of the dockyard, its administration and activities. It also provides fascinating detail and spectacular archival photography of Sydney harbour's industrial heart.

Soft cover, black and white photographs, 280 pages.

Cockatoo Island - Sydney's historic dockyard