In the ANZAC Spirit

Lt. Col Brian Avery

Fourth Battalion, RAR/NZ (ANZAC)South Vietnam 1968-1969. In the ANZAC Spirit covers the training of 4RAR in its preparation for its move to South Vietnam in 1968. The inclusion of two New Zealand companies into 4RAR upon its arrival in South Vietnam, made this a truly ANZAC Battalion. The battalion's numerous operations against the Vietcong during this tour, form the major part of this book.

In the ANZAC Spirit vividly describes the conditions under which 4RAR/NZ fought, and demonstrates the co-operation received from the other arms and forces involved in the war. Written by Brian Avery, the author of OUR SECRET WAR, who served with 1 and 3RAR in Malaya, and 4RAR in Borneo, then commanded the 4RAR/NZ Mortar Platoon in Vietnam. Few books have so vividly described the daily routine of patrolling, ambushing and endless contacts undertaken by the ordinary infantryman.

The constant themes of this book are the military skills, endurance, and the Australian and Kiwi soldiers as they tracked down, fought and successfully dominated a determined foe in the Phuo Tuy Province.

Hard cover, 224 pages.

In the ANZAC Spirit