From a hostile shore


The Australia–Japan Research Project is pleased to present From a hostile shore: Australia and Japan at war in New Guinea. This project was jointly launched in 2004 by the Ambassador of Japan, His Excellency Mr Kenzo Oshima, and the Chairman of the Council of the Australian War Memorial, Major General Adrian Clunies-Ross AO MBE (Ret'd). The chapters of the book contain a selection of modified essays and seminars from the AJRP website, which have been chosen because they are representative of the research undertaken for the project.

New Guinea was an unwelcoming place far from home for many Australians and Japanese involved in its air, land and sea campaigns. Participants from both sides faced an enemy they did not understand, in battles that often exceeded limits of physical and psychological endurance. The AJRP presents this book in the hope that the experiences of those  who fought, suffered, died and grieved as a result of the war can be faithfully passed on to a generation of English and Japanese readers now distant in time from these hostile shores. 

Edited by Steven Bullard and  Tumura Keiko, this publication is written with both English and Japanese text. Soft cover, photographs, 172 pages.

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