No Dramas: Recordings from Iraq DVD

a film by Robert Nugent SHOP:100035414

War films show soldiers constantly locked in battle and non-stop action - but the reality of war is very different. No Dramas reveals what life is really like for Australian troops in combat zones. Robert Nugent, the Australian War Memorial's first official cinematographer, travelled to Iraq in 2006 to explore the challenges, routines, and stresses faced by Australian soldiers on deployment. Nugent lets the soldiers tell their own stories - tales of humour, hard work, tragedy and trauma - and joins them on training exercises, and on patrol in the streets of Baghdad. He also documents the striking landscape of Iraq - geographical and emotional - resulting in a unique piece of film making and a fascinating look into the lives of Australian defence personnel on active service.

Commissioned by the Australian War Memorial, No Dramas premiered in October 2008.

Rated M (includes strong language and descriptions of violence), PAL, duration 54 mins. 

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