The tragedy of the Montevideo Maru DVD

Directed by David Napier

Australia’s Greatest Maritime Disaster – The Untold Story. Before Kokoda, before the bombing of Darwin, Australia came under attack from the full might of the Japanese Empire – Rabaul, 1942. In the ensuing carnage of aerial bombardments and an armada not seen in Australian waters before, a small garrison of Australian soldiers, made a courageous stand against an insurmountable force. Some men would escape, some would be shipped to Japan, but most – 1053 in total – would perish in Australia’s greatest maritime disaster, The Tragedy of the Montevideo Maru. This outstanding 2 hour documentary recounts the harrowing story of the sacrifice and suffering endured by these men and boys during the Pacific War. Broader stories of torturous POW experiences and firsthand accounts from survivors of other hell ship sinkings, the Rakuyo Maru and Kachidoki Maru are also included.

Rated PG (War violence and infrequent coarse language), duration approximately 2 hours.