Australian SAS: the untold history part 1 - 2 DVD set

Part 1: Heads and Hearts SHOP:100037479

The Australian SAS: the untold history reveals the secretive operations and unorthodox military culture that make the regiment unique.

Where other Special Forces documentaries portray the superficial veneer of soldiers in fast paced action, The Australian SAS: the untold history goes beyond the media clichés and Special Forces action stereotypes. The series reveals the real people, and the creative and strategic flair in war and peace that have won the Australian Special Air Service Regiment – "SAS" – its place in the top Special Forces units in the world.

Part 1: heads and hearts takes us from the ancient notion of unconventional or "force vs fraud" Special Forces, through Lawrence of Arabia to the birth of the British SAS in Second World War and the global spread of Special Forces units in the Cold War.

The values of head and heart define the term, "Special". But in Australia the uncertain introduction of an SAS Company in 1957 in the Cold War with Russia and China gets a cool reception from the Army at large. No one seems to know how to train the new SAS unit, and proper roles for SAS are long debated. Part-time CMF Commandos provide the fledgling SAS with specialist skills of climbing, canoeing and raiding. Part one probes the formidable SAS selection process, where no one lacking a sense of humour in tough times is accepted. After a rough beginning the untested SAS begins to show promise. But seven years pass before SAS finally goes to war against Indonesian-backed guerrillas in Borneo, after proving its battle readiness in long,arduous training in Papua New Guinea.

Exempt From Classification, NTSC, all regions, 2 DVD set. Disc 1 - 26 mins plus photo gallery. Disc 2 - Extra interviews. .

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