Australian SAS: the untold history part 2 - 2 DVD set


The Australian SAS: the untold history reveals the secretive operations and unorthodox military culture that make the regiment unique.

Where other Special Forces documentaries portray the superficial veneer of soldiers in fast paced action, The Australian SAS: the untold history goes beyond the media clichés and Special Forces action stereotypes. The series reveals the real people, and the creative and strategic flair in war and peace that have won the Australian Special Air Service Regiment – "SAS" – its place in the top Special Forces units in the world.

Part 2 - Arc of Instability throws SAS into the fearsome jungles of Borneo. As Konfrontasi rages in Indonesia, SAS joins with Britain’s 22 SAS in the highly secret Claret Operations. Cross border patrols gather strategic intelligence and seek out Indonesian 'Killer patrols'. In 1966, when the European Cold War spreads to Asia, SAS joins the Australian Task Force in Vietnam. Small secretive five man SAS patrols set out to pit themselves in a deadly anti-guerrilla war against the fearless & formidable Viet Cong.

Exempt From Classification, NTSC, all regions. 2 DVD set. Disc 1 - 26 mins plus photo gallery. Disc 2 - Extra interviews.

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