Gallipoli: the dawn service DVD

The Anzac Day ceremony at Gallipoli is the subject of Daryl Dellora’s Gallipoli: The Dawn Service, a record of the final ceremony held at the tiny Ari Burnu cemetery.

More than 5000 Australian backpackers gathered with the Governor-General of Australia, Sir William Deane, to commemorate Anzac Day in April 1999. It was not unlike the many that had gone before it and have taken place since. With the significant exception that Sir William was overseeing the final ceremony to be held at Ari Burnu, a few hundred metres from the original landing place of the ANZAC troops.

Granted unprecedented access to the ceremony, the poignancy of the moment is captured by the filmmakers, providing unique footage of this historic occasion.

Pal DVD, All regions, Duration 29 minutes, Rated G.