Figurine: K9 operator, kneeling

Naked Army SHOP:101015814

This cold-cast bronze figurine represents a coalition Special Forces K9 Operator with his Belgian Malinois dog. These dogs integrate with the men at unit level, are part of the team, and are treated as members of the unit.

Created with traditional sculpting techniques, this figurine depicts a Tier One operator, kitted out in SMAC/BADGER armour, 3S and SICC belt, Bullock Echo small assault pack and pouches, Silynx C4OPS, Platatac knife, Danner combat boots, and Blade Tech holster. He is carrying the M4/HK 4165.56 carbine with Aimpoint optics Surefire M720V light and Suppressor.

Limited cold-cast bronze figurine, 1:6 scale, height 280 mm, boxed.

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