The Crater [DVD]

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Brian Cleaver, a National Serviceman, was conscripted to fight in Vietnam “for his country”. He lived through the biggest battle the Australians fought in Vietnam which left him numb and shell-shocked for the next 46 years. As a sufferer of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Brian sought atonement by making ten trips to Vietnam, in an obsessive searching for the unmarked mass grave – a giant B52 bomb crater – that held the unknown soldiers who died in action during the Battles of Fire Support Bases Coral and Balmoral.

The Crater is a deeply emotional story about the long term consequences of war. It includes powerful re-enactments of the 1968 Battles of Coral and Balmoral.


DVD [1 discs], English language

Rating: M (Recommended for mature audiences. Contains violence and coarse language)

Duration: 58 minutes



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