Wartime magazine issue 1


The official magazine of the Australian War Memorial. Wartime is devoted to the Australian experience of war; military history; and the effects of war on society. Articles deal fully and frankly with both the distressing and the lighter sides of war. Every issue delivers the stories of courage and survival of both service personnel and civilians.

  • The Australian War Memorial Guide. Finding your way around the Australian War Memorial.
  • Byways to Hell by Ashley Ekins. Australian soldiers in the battle of Passchendaele, 1917.
  • May Tilton. An Australian nurse at Ypres. 
  • Sergeant Eric A. Tate by Richard Reid. Missing in action, Ypres, 1917.
  • The Menin Gate Memorial by Richard Reid. Memorial to the missing, Ieper, Belgium.
  • Obituary by Richard Reid. Private Robert Comb, Military Medal, 23rd Battalion, AIF 1900-1997.
  • Will Dyson. Wartime artist.
  • A home-grown Mosquito by David Crotty. Reconnaissance aircraft in the Second World War.
  • A Lucky Survivor by David Crotty. How the last Mosquito landed safely at the Memorial.
  • The Simpson of the Kokoda Track by Richard Reir. Major Albert Moore, Salvation Army.
  • The Australian charge at Beersheba, 1917 by Jacui Lobach and Matthew Woodhead. Is the photograph genuine or staged?
  • Vietnam 1967: Operation Bribie by Ian McNeill. The closest the Australians came to defeat in a major battle in Vietnam.
  • From desert glare to jungle gloom by Lola Wilkins. Ivor Hele as a war artist.
  • The history behind the art by Carolyne Palmer. Events in New Guinea depicted in Ivor Hele's art 
  • The first United Nations Peacekeepers by Peter Londey. The first observers in the field were Australians.
  • Changing Images of Valour, 1915 – 1923 by Elizabeth Willis. Honour certificates from the First World War.
  •  “A friend and protector” Lachlan Macquarie's sword by Brad Manera. The sword carried by the Governor of the Colony of New South Wales, 1810-1821.
  •  Material records of war by Paul Griffiths. Shrapnel fragment a link with danger faced by merchant seamen.
  • The Royal Australian Navy in the Korean War.
  • Fully illustrated, 72 pages.

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