Wartime magazine issue 11

Spring 2000 SHOP:1328272711
  • Bradbury Aircraft Hall – Air power in the Pacific 1941–53. A bold new exhibition opens at the Memorial.
  • HMAS Sydney and Sea Fury operations in the Korean War by Benjamin Evans. A Hawker Sea Fury in the Memorial’s new Bradbury Aircraft Hall recalls another side of Australia’s participation in the Korean War.
  • Leslie Knox - Australian pilot at Coral Sea by David Crotty. Far from home, Leslie Knox helped defend the land of his birth.
  • One Wirraway’s war by David Crotty. The new exhibition features an aircraft which did what no others of its type achieved.
  • The RAAF’s 80% loss raid – Kema, 12 January 1942 by Murray Moore. Hudson bombers were no match for the Japanese Zeros.
  • Bomber crash by Kelly Squires. Near tragedy proves inspirational for a Second World War artist.
  • Colour patches of the Australian Army by David Chinn. Valued more than any other decoration.
  • “The slopes first rushed”: North Beach, Gallipoli, 25 April 1915 by Richard Reid. The new ANZAC Commemorative Site is on a spot filled with history.
  • “Such is glory ...”-  the 7th Battalion at Lone Pine by Ross McMullin. Four VCs in one battle – but at a terrible cost.
  • Bomba Tepe, 29 August,1915 by Brad Manera. In the last great Australian offensive on Gallipoli, the 10th Light Horse made a desperate push for the summit.
  • A calligrapher’s Gallipoli. Vanessa Crisp’s Gallipoli poster.
  • Three months on Bougainville.
  • Training for Operation Bel Isi, Bougainville by Bob Breen.  Building cultural bridges.
  • Experiences of a monitor on Bougainville, 1998 by Lloyd Broderick. Walking the hills for peace.
  • Experiences of a monitor on Bougainville, 2000 by Lance Corporal Poppy Wenham. An end to past conflict, rebuilding for the future.
  • Obituary - Vivian Bullwinkel by Madeleine Chaleyer. A tribute to Australia’s best-known nurse.
  • Fully illustrated, 72 pages.

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