Wartime Magazine Issue 12

  • Divided we stand by Craig Wilcox. The grand vision for an Australian federal army in the 1980s took many years to come to pass.  
  • A marvel and an inspiration by Nick Fletcher. The remarkable story of Meysey Hammond.
  • Mackay's "Ringers": Spirit of the bush by Peter Burness. Kenneth Mackay, founder of the Australian Horse regiment, saw the men of the bush as the defenders of a new nation.
  • Savige saviour – Dunsterforce in Persia by Ross Lloyd. During the First World War a small band led vby Captain Stanley Savige fought a stubborn rearguard action to save the lives of 60,000 refugees in remote north-west Prusia.
  • Escape from Gallipoli by Ross McMullin. Stealth and the drip-rifle contribute to the ANZAC’s astonishing successful evacuation of Gallipoli 85 years ago.
  • "One ilan man" by Vanessa Seekee. The Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion brought pride and unity to a disadvantaged group of Australians, as they prepared to defend their homes from the Japanese.
  • A bold risk: Kaiapit by Peter Stanley. The capture of Kaiapit in Papua and New Guinea is just one of the many battles Australians should know better.
  • Forgotten field by Stephen Wilks. Second World War memories are hidden away in the back streets of Jakarta.
  • Battle of broken bridge  - Korea 25-26 October 1950 by Benjamin Evans.
    Deep into North Korea, 3RAR defeated A North Korean armoured unit to secure a vital crossing on the Taeryong River.
  • Sculptor of choice by Cristy Gilbert. Ray Ewers' contributions to the Memorial.
  • An exemplary career cut short by Benjamin Evans. Killed in Korea in 1950, Lieutenant Colonel C.H. Green was an inspiring and popular battalion commander.
  • Fully illustrated, 72 pages.

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