Wartime Magazine Issue 12


Divided we stand by Craig Wilcox. The grand vision for an Australian federal army in the 1980s took many years to come to pass.
A marvel and an inspiration by Nick Fletcher. The remarkable story of Meysey Hammond.
Mackay's "Ringers": Spirit of the bush by Peter Burness. Kenneth Mackay, founder of the Australian Horse regiment, saw the men of the bush as the defenders of a new nation.
Savige saviour Dunsterforce in Persia by Ross Lloyd. During the First World War a small band led vby Captain Stanley Savige fought a stubborn rearguard action to save the lives of 60,000 refugees in remote north-west Prusia.
Escape from Gallipoli by Ross McMullin. Stealth and the drip-rifle contribute to the ANZACs astonishing successful evacuation of Gallipoli 85 years ago.
"One ilan man" by Vanessa Seekee. The Torres Strait Light Infantry Battalion brought pride and unity to a disadvantaged group of Australians, as they prepared to defend their homes from the Japanese.
A bold risk: Kaiapit by Peter Stanley. The capture of Kaiapit in Papua and New Guinea is just one of the many battles Australians should know better.
Forgotten field by Stephen Wilks. Second World War memories are hidden away in the back streets of Jakarta.
Battle of broken bridge - Korea 25-26 October 1950 by Benjamin Evans.
Deep into North Korea, 3RAR defeated A North Korean armoured unit to secure a vital crossing on the Taeryong River.
Sculptor of choice by Cristy Gilbert. Ray Ewers' contributions to the Memorial.
An exemplary career cut short by Benjamin Evans. Killed in Korea in 1950, Lieutenant Colonel C.H. Green was an inspiring and popular battalion commander.
Fully illustrated, 72 pages.

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